The easiest way
to learn without
the Internet at

500 Naira/month.

The Yoda Box is the only solution that delivers an all-round home learning experience for primary school pupils that ensures learning never stops.


How it works

wifiOffline Videos

Learn with high definition context-based fun educational videos directly on your TV, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, without the internet. All videos are produced by Nigerian teachers with many years of primary school teaching experience.


wifiActivity Books

Practice concepts learned in the videos with colourful, engaging activity books we call "Yellow Books". They are fun, relatable and would quickly help your children build mastery of numeracy, literacy, understanding of the world and people around them.

wifiMobile App

Get instant support for your child from our community of experienced teachers (the Tribe), using our YBX Classes App. Use the YBX Classes to chat with certified teachers, get advice on scheduling, tips, activities to be done and receive assessments and feedback.


Our Library

wifiFun to Learn Videos

About 700 high definition context-based videos available that cover several primary school topics in Phonics, Grammar, Composition, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. All videos are produced with engaging, fun graphic illustrations and upbeat music.

wifiEasy to use Library

All contents are organized by class levels (Primary 1-6) and subjects, making for easy access and navigation. The contents are written and produced by Nigerian teachers with more than 20 years’ experience. Ensuring high-quality context-based videos that are relatable and easy to use.

wifiInternet Data Savings

All our videos are available for unlimited playback on many devices through our proprietary technologies that work without the need for Internet data. This means children get unlimited playback of all videos, while parents get huge cost savings.



"My children (4 kids) and I never get tired of watching the videos, I encourage all parents to acquire the Yoda Box."

- Prof. M S Abubakar



"The savings I made on internet data using the Yoda Box are amazing. Never going back to YouTube again."

- Danladi Sani



"The Yoda Box has been a great device to use during the pandemic to keep my kids academically active."

- Samira Ado


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